Commercial Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Professional Cleaning in Charlotte

charlotte-skyline-night-16676645_mMint Condition Inc. is your source for professional commercial cleaning in Charlotte, NC. We offer a full range of solutions to bring your office or building up to your desired level of cleanliness. Our services are customizable to fit your needs and priorities. Using innovative software, we map out your office or building and create a cleaning schedule that is tailored to address heavy traffic and problem areas.

Janitorial Cleaning in Charlotte

Our Charlotte janitorial service is second to none. Our owner-operators are trained with an attention to detail so that we deliver high quality service to all of our clients, including those with janitorial service needs in Rock Hill, Huntersville and Monroe. Take, for example, our unique approach to restroom cleaning. We use a 15-step program for meticulous cleaning that leaves all surfaces sparkling. Despite being a relatively small part of any office, the restrooms generate over half of office complaints! When you let our Charlotte janitorial service clean your restrooms, you can rest assured that everyone will be satisfied with the level of cleanliness.

Office Cleaning in Charlotte

We provide excellent office cleaning in Charlotte, in accordance with our company’s high standard of service. We use environmentally friendly “Green Seal” cleaning products and supplies, as well as HEPA-filtered vacuums, to provide a deep clean without harming the environment with harsh chemicals. Our customizable services align your budgeting needs with your cleaning priorities.

The reason we can promise superior service is that we promote local owner/operators qualified to deliver on the promises we make. Because they are franchisees, they have a more vested interest in your satisfaction than the traditional cleaning crew comprised of hourly employees subject to a high rate of turnover. Mint Condition Inc. trains and supports highly competent owner/operators who are ready to serve you with commercial cleaning in Charlotte and its surrounding areas. We employ only those with excellent work records, through background checks, and superior work ethic. We understand the need to have your workspace be clean, and because of that are dedicated to the processes, people, and products that ensure excellence every time. Call today to schedule a site visit, where we’ll walk through your office or building with you and provide a free estimate for our services.