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Becoming a Mint Condition Master Franchiser will give you a clear path for gaining independence, building prosperity, and living the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Here's What We Offer:

Multiple Profit Centers

Earn revenues through customer service contracts, but also through recruiting new franchisees.

Low Startup Cost

Reasonable startup costs, combined with low overhead, create a low threshold for entry… and plenty of opportunity to earn a big return on investment.

Fast Ramp-Up

We’ll provide you with all the support you need to get your business up and running. We won’t waste any time.

Cutting-Edge Sales Solutions

Gain access to our Bidding and Estimation Software, empowering you to customize accurate and efficient solutions for your customers.

Build Equity

As you grow your business, you’re building a very valuable asset.

Schedule Flexibility

Achieve the perfect work-life balance by setting your own schedule.

Recurring Revenues

You’ll have predictable monthly income, sparing you from stress and economic uncertainty.

Protected Territory

You’ll never have to compete with other Mint Condition Master Franchisors. Your territory will be yours and yours alone.

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Do you want to be a Franchise Operator (work “IN” the business) or a Franchise Owner (work “ON” the business)?

You have a choice.

Traditional Franchise

The franchisor grants to the franchise the right to open a single unit. Buyers typically plan to work and manage the operation in person.

Traditional Master Franchise

The franchisor transfers the right to sell franchisees through an intermediary referred to as Master Franchisees. Each MF has the right to sell individual franchisees is a specific pre-defined territory. Their main function is to develop and manage their network of franchisees.

(Becomes the mini franchisor for a specific territory). MF recruits, trains, and provides ongoing support to each franchisee they sign. In certain MF, they include owning and operating their own franchises.
Frequently requires significant capital.

Mint Condition Master Franchise

Unique features compared to other Master Franchises

  • Lower initial investment, frequently the level of investment of a standard franchise
  • Large territories available: allowing the MF to scale their business.
  • Master Franchise: manages the revenue for their franchisees.
  • Established concept: 24 years in franchising.
  • Not required to operate a unit franchise.
  • Work directly with the Founder: His support team operates a Master Franchise territory just as you would.
  • Build a team that operates the business: adds value when you are ready to prepare your exit strategy.

NOTE: Your franchisees are in the cleaning business. The Master Franchise is in the sales, marketing, and franchise support business.

Find out for yourself.

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