Mint Condition operates through a proactive mindset

We know that in your busy work week, the last issue you need to deal with is a lapse in the quality of your commercial cleaning service.

We make certain that your cleaning service remains at a consistently high level by eliminating potential errors before they have the chance to occur. As an office manager, you’ll never need to micromanage or double-check the cleanliness of your office ever again.

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Here's What We Offer:

Centralized Management

We supervise our cleaning teams’ work so you don’t have to. In addition, our central office is your one-call destination for prompt and courteous response to all of your inquiries.


We like to say that “we inspect what we expect.” Staff from our central office routinely conducts physical walkthroughs of your facility to ensure that the level of cleanliness meets your and our expectations.

Reliable Cleaning Staff

Unlike many other cleaning companies that hire hourly workers and experience tremendous turnover, Mint Condition conducts its business through owner-operators who have a vested interest in your satisfaction.

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At Mint Condition, we never take our clients for granted.

We stand behind our guarantee for 100 percent satisfaction in all our services… period. Learn more by reaching out to us directly.

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