Looking for financial freedom… without the stress?

The answer: Find a business model that offers the power of recurring revenues. Mint Condition has you covered.

Leave the static business model behind.

  • Most businesses require new sources of revenue to be generated each month.
  • No matter how successful your month is in terms of sales, you are right back to zero at the start of the next month.
  • This ‘static’ business model can be stressful for business owners; each month they are faced with fixed expenses but no guaranteed source of income.
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Enjoy peace of mind with recurring revenues.

Mint Condition was constructed around the “recurring revenue model”- the generation of income on a regular basis.

With our model, each new customer means years of continuous revenue.

Each month you will be assured an amount of income from your current revenue stream.

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Rest easy with a consistent and predictable revenue stream.

Mint Condition’s recurring revenue model removes the stress, the risk, and the uncertainty from business ownership… and provides a more assured, peaceful path to success. Contact us to learn more about becoming part of the Mint Condition family.

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