In a business setting, clean and tidy workspaces can make all the difference when it comes to employee productivity and morale.

With our professional cleaning and disinfecting services, you can get rid of complaints while ensuring you never again have to double-check the cleanliness of your facilities. We’ll handle everything for you, providing you and your team with a safe and satisfying place to conduct business. Contact Mint Condition to learn about custom cleaning programs.

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Why Choose Mint Condition?

We understand the needs of office managers.
We know that your ultimate goals are to eliminate complaints and to never again have to micromanage workplace cleanliness. We are ready to help you achieve both of those goals.


We provide custom solutions.
Every workplace is different, and we do not try to offer one-size-fits-all cleaning programs. Instead, we will listen to your needs and expectations and tailor our program to your business.

We can clean for appearances and for health.
With best-in-class cleaning and sanitization technologies, we ensure your workplace is both spotless and hygienic.

We are rigorous about quality control.
Our cleaning teams use comprehensive checklists to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness for your office.


We make communication easy.
Need to get in touch with us about special cleaning or disinfecting needs, or about special events you’re hoping to prepare for? We make communication seamless and convenient.

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As you consider the cleanliness of your workplace, we welcome you to contact Mint Condition. Take the first step toward zero complaints, zero micromanaging, and zero cleanliness issues at your place of business.

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