Lancaster, PA is one of the oldest towns in the entire country… and to this day, it stands as an important center of local industry and commerce.

There are a number of thriving businesses in the Lancaster community, and while they vary by size and by field, they share one thing in common: All of them benefit from trustworthy commercial cleaning services.

Mint Condition is proud to offer custom janitorial cleaning services throughout the region. We clean for appearances, ensuring our clients’ work environments look tidy and professional. We also clean for hygiene, adhering to the most up-to-date guidelines from the CDC.

We would love to tell you more about our commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA, or to answer any questions you might have about what sets our janitorial services apart. Contact Mint Condition whenever you are ready to chat.

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Mint Condition’s Licensed and Local Cleaning Services in Lancaster, PA

At Mint Condition, one of the things we are most proud of is our track record providing professional janitorial services to businesses of all kinds. We have brought our exacting standards and world-class customer service to banks, hospitals, churches, manufacturing centers, and beyond.

Our cleaning teams always have two goals: We are here to help business leaders and office managers eliminate complaints, including employee complaints about restroom or break area cleanliness. And, we want to ensure our clients no longer have to do any micromanagement of their janitorial services.

Take a moment to learn more about our cleaning services in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding area:


Banks & Financial Cleaning

Lancaster, PA is the home to a number of banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. We understand that these institutions convey their professionalism through clean, tidy facilities. It is our pleasure to help them do so.

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Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning

Mint Condition works with numerous factories and manufacturing centers that call Lancaster, PA home. We have ample expertise cutting through deep levels of industrial grime, ensuring clean and safe production areas.

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Medical Facilities Cleaning

There are a number of hospitals and medical facilities based in Lancaster, PA. We have a wealth of experience helping them maintain high levels of sanitation, always adhering to the most recent CDC guidelines.

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Business Offices Cleaning

We love working with business owners and office managers, learning more about their cleaning needs and expectations, then furnishing a custom cleaning plan that delivers excellent results.

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Religious Facilities Cleaning

In Lancaster, PA, there are a host of religious communities, all of which can benefit from a consistent janitorial service. Our commercial cleaning company is here to help your church, mosque, or temple in Lancaster, PA.

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Ready To Book Mint Condition’s Commercial Janitorial Services In Lancaster?

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Our Commercial Cleaning Areas of Focus

One of the things we are most passionate about here at Mint Condition is customization. Our clients are all different, and so are the needs and expectations they have for their commercial cleaning company. As such, we customize all of our janitorial cleaning services so that we deliver to each client exactly what they are looking for.

With that said, here are some of the most common components of our commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA:

Commercial Office Cleaning

The office managers we work with are passionate about reducing employee complaints, and they also want to minimize any need to micromanage the cleaning process. We can help you achieve both of these goals through our commercial office cleaning services in Lancaster, PA.

Breakroom Cleaning

Through our commercial breakroom cleaning services, we can help employers address one of the big problem areas within any workplace, all while ensuring employees are pleased with the cleanliness of their leisure area.

Restroom Cleaning

Our commercial restroom cleaning services can help you keep your bathrooms tidy, sanitary, and well-stocked with all the necessary supplies. And in turn, this can go a long way toward helping you avoid customer complaints.

Sanitization & Disinfection

Our goal is to clean for appearances and for hygiene. Through our commercial sanitation services, we can make certain your facility is disinfected to the high standards set by the CDC.

Why Choose Mint Condition’s Commercial Janitorial Services

We are pleased to be one of the top commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA, earning the trust of countless clients throughout the area. There are a number of things that set Mint Condition apart, but four of our primary claims to fame include:



We’re not interested in forcing our clients into predetermined cleaning programs. Instead, we tailor our cleaning programs to better address your needs and goals.



Our cleaning teams have the technology required to keep your facilities tidy, sanitary, and thoroughly disinfected.


Our motto: “We inspect what we expect.” Our Lancaster, PA cleaning teams abide by rigorous standards of quality control at each and every job site.



We want to hear from you, and we strive to make it simple to get in touch with us regarding special events or particular cleaning needs.

How to Book Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Lancaster, PA

Hiring our janitorial cleaning services is really pretty easy. All you need to do is follow the three steps we have outlined below:


1. Contact Us

Get in touch with us to let us know you are interested in commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA.


2. Give Us A Tour

We’ll set up a time to visit your workplace and learn more about your commercial janitorial needs.


3. Get A Custom Cleaning Plan

We’ll put together a custom cleaning program that’s based on all your needs and expectations.

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Areas We Serve

Mint Condition provides commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas. This encompasses all of Lancaster County, including Penn Square, the Northwest Corridor, Prospect Heights, and beyond. Take a closer look at our service area:

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Visit Mint Condition in Lancaster, PA

Ready to learn more about the benefits our professional janitorial teams can deliver? We would love to hear from you! Reach out to Mint Condition at our Lancaster, PA location:

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What Our Customers Have to Say

We strive to make a difference on behalf of the businesses we serve. Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about our commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our commercial cleaning services in Lancaster, PA? Here are some responses to a few of the most common inquiries. Contact us with any questions that are not mentioned here!

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We are so confident in our level of service that we do not lock customers into a long-term contract. We have a simple 30-day notice to terminate your contract, no questions asked.

Our contract price is good for one year unless changes are made to the scope of work.

Our comprehensive policy covers Workers Compensation, General Liability and Bonding.

We service a variety of industries such as medical facilities, banks/credit unions, churches, distribution/manufacturing, and general offices. References available upon request.

A franchise owner will be assigned to your account so you will consistently see the same people cleaning your facility. Our high retention rate of our franchisees means most customers have the same person assigned to their account for many years.

The operations person assigned to your account conducts routine inspections in your facility to find any deficiencies and correct them before they become an issue. The assigned operations person would be your point of contact for all matters regarding your account.

We have franchisees who have a vested interest in their business, therefore providing a high level of service.