Ready To Get Rid Of YourFinancial Stress?

Take the first step toward successful business ownership by using Mint Condition’s proven system.

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You’re Ready to Start Living the Dream


You want to make supplemental income, ensuring a better life for your family.


You’re willing to work hard and you take pride in what you do.


You want to achieve things your parents and grandparents couldn’t have imagined.

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We Started Just Like You!

When we launched Mint Condition, our only hope was to earn a supplemental income to reduce our financial stress.

Today, Mint Condition boasts 25 years of experience and more than 400 individual franchises across the nation. We are leaders in the recession-proof commercial cleaning industry.

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We Invite You to Join Us


1. Schedule A Call

Schedule a FREE consultation with a Master Franchisor to see if Mint Condition is a good fit for you.


2. Attend a Meeting

Schedule and attend a Mint Fit Meeting with one of our Franchise Experts. We’ll help you decide if owning a Mint Condition franchise is right for you.


3. Apply

Complete and submit our easy and intuitive application.


4. Get Support

We’ll order your equipment, train you, and provide you with all of the support you need!


5. Mint Money

Start earning money, leading a team, and satisfying customer demand.

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Our Agreement

Still on the fence?

Here’s a guarantee we make to all franchisees: If you ever lose an account through no fault of your own, we’ll replace that revenue for you. Period.

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Why Mint Condition?


We offer accessible turn-key solutions.
Starting a franchise is affordable and flexible enough that you can continue in your day job for as long as you like.


We do all the selling.
Worried about where you’ll find customers? Don’t be. We’ll obtain all the accounts for you!


We handle the accounting, too.
Enjoy all the pleasures of business ownership, without the headaches of extensive paperwork.

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Enjoy the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of


Say goodbye to financial stress, and stop being one paycheck away from disaster


Stop letting someone else control your life and your schedule

Get the supplemental revenue stream you need to reduce your financial stress


Find amazing opportunities to grow and expand

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Ready to Become a Proud Business Owner?

By becoming a Mint Condition Franchisee, you can control your destiny, take pride in your accomplishment, and earn enough money to meet all your needs and goals. Ready to start?

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