They say it takes money to make money. With Mint Condition, that’s not necessarily the case.

If you dream of owning your own business and wish to supplement your current income, owning a Mint Condition franchise can make your goal attainable… without the need for massive startup funding.

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Low Cost, Low Risk

Mint Condition has consistently been ranked by Entrepreneur as a low-cost franchise opportunity.

Decades Of Experience

When you operate a Mint Condition franchise, you benefit from our team’s decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry.

Built-In Customer Base

You also have a built-in customer base: You’ll provide services to small- and mid-sized companies in your area, and you’ll never have to do any of the selling.

Peace Of Mind

You can get peace of mind from our revenue replacement plan. If you lose revenue through no fault of your own, Mint Condition will provide replacement revenue of at no additional cost.

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Opportunity Awaits

Business ownership promises a life of independence, the chance to set your own schedule and call the shots. The upside is reducing financial stress. Mint Condition delivers the best of both worlds: Freedom to live your life and increase your income without the demands of capital or the worry of failure.

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The Bottom Line?

Owning a Mint Condition franchise is possible for an incredibly low down payment, and comes with plenty of assurances of business success. For individuals looking to transition into a life of independence and autonomy, Mint Condition offers a proven path.

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