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Even if your office environment looks neat and tidy, that’s no guarantee of its sanitization.

Viruses and other germs can linger for a long time on unhygienic surfaces, completely invisible to the naked eye. And if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that these tiny viruses can cause massive disruption. Just think: Unclean or unsterile facilities can be breeding grounds for illnesses that cause your employees to require sick days, or else to perform at something far less than peak efficiency. Worse, there could be an outbreak of illness among clients and customers, which can sink your business’ reputation.

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Advanced Technologies and Methodologies

At Mint Condition, our cleaning teams are all carefully trained in the latest CDC protocols, which were designed to stop the spread of germs during the COVID pandemic. And, our cleaning teams use advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure your workspace isn’t just cleaned for appearance, but also cleaned for safety and for hygiene.

Color Coded Systems

We use color-coded systems for all mops and cleaning cloths, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination.

Electrostatic Equipment

We use sophisticated electrostatic cleaning equipment, making it easy for our teams to quickly and completely disinfect all surfaces.

Powerful Cleaning Solutions

We use cleaning solutions designed to eradicate viruses so that your facilities are cleaned down to the microbial level.

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Mint Condition is committed to keeping our client facilities truly clean…not just for looks, but for health and wellness, too. Contact us to learn more about our standards of cleaning for health.

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