At Mint Condition, we don't just offer excellence in commercial cleaning and janitorial services. We also offer peace of mind.

We want our clients to have every assurance that the job will be done well, and that they won’t have to worry about micromanaging or double-checking the cleanliness of their facility. In fact, we offer a guarantee that you’ll be pleased with your results, and you won’t need to worry about workplace cleanliness issues again. With any questions about the terms of our guarantee, we welcome you to contact your local Mint Condition cleaning team directly.

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Don't worry about workplace cleanliness issues again.


Mint Condition guarantees that we will meet or exceed the terms set forth in your Service Agreement.


If we fail to meet those standards at any time, or you have any other concerns regarding our performance, please contact you support person at the Regional Mint Condition office.


Your Service Agreement defines the standards of the work to be performed for each of our visits.


We ensure compliance to the standards set forth in the Service Agreement and we will come back and meet those standards to ensure your satisfaction within 24 hours.


Mint Condition strives for continuous improvement and welcomes your feedback, ideas or suggestions at any time.


If the corrective actions do not meet or exceed the standards of our Service Agreement to your reasonable satisfaction, the cost for that days service will be free.

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