Salt Lake City is one of the great American metropolitan areas.

Not only is it important culturally and historically, but it boasts a booming tourist business. And, as one of the region’s most populous cities, it’s also notable for being an incredible commercial hub.

Local business owners want their commercial spaces to be clean and hygienic at all times, ideally without having to invest too much of their own time or attention. In short, Salt Lake City business owners are ever on the lookout for hassle-free commercial cleaning services.

Mint Condition is happy to oblige. We welcome you to learn more about the commercial cleaning and janitorial services we offer to businesses, churches, banks, medical facilities, and beyond. We’re proud to be Salt Lake City’s commercial cleaning company of choice.

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Mint Condition’s Licensed and Local Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City, UT

At Mint Condition, one of the things we are proudest of is our track record assisting many types of businesses. No matter the industry you’re in, we promise exacting standards of cleanliness and care.

Our janitorial teams always have twin goals: One, we are here to help our business clients reduce complaints. We don’t want you to ever hear a cross word from a customer or an employee, especially not about something like the cleanliness of the bathrooms or the lobby. And, we want to minimize your need to micromanage the process. Our hope is that, instead of spending all your time thinking about cleaning, you’ll just be able to focus on running your business, serving your customers, and leading your employees.

Consider our cleaning services in the Salt Lake City, UT area:


Banks & Financial Cleaning

There are loads of banks and credit unions in Salt Lake City, UT, and they depend on clean facilities to help convey their sense of professionalism. Our professional janitorial teams can help.

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Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning

We also work with industrial and manufacturing centers in Salt Lake City, UT. Our commercial cleaning services can help control grime, grease, and other industrial byproducts, ensuring a clean work area.

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Medical Facilities Cleaning

Medical facilities require the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. We work with hospitals and medical practices throughout Salt Lake City, UT, cleaning to the rigorous standards set by the CDC.

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Business Offices Cleaning

Mint Condition works closely with businesses of all kinds. Our job is to make certain that office managers and business owners don’t have to micromanage their janitorial services.

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Religious Facilities Cleaning

Salt Lake City, UT is a city with a rich religious history. There are a number of churches, temples, and other religious facilities based in the area, and we are pleased to provide them with flexible, cost-effective janitorial options.

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Ready To Book Mint Condition’s Commercial Janitorial Services In Salt Lake City?

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Our Commercial Cleaning Areas of Focus

At Mint Condition, we’re all about customization. Our clients are all unique, and we want to tailor our cleaning services to meet their specific needs. With that said, here are some of the most common components of the cleaning plans we develop for our customers in the Salt Lake City, UT area:

Commercial Office Cleaning

We understand that office managers are passionate about two things: Reducing complaints and minimizing their need to micromanage the cleaning process. Mint Condition is happy to help our clients achieve both of these goals.

Breakroom Cleaning

Breakrooms tend to be the areas that get dirty the fastest. And yet, they are also the places most likely to generate employee complaints. Our janitorial teams are happy to include breakroom cleaning on our list of services.

Restroom Cleaning

Our commercial restroom cleaning services can help you avoid complaints from employees and customers alike. We focus on tidiness and sanitization, and also on making sure the bathrooms are always properly stocked.

Sanitization & Disinfection

At Mint Condition, we clean for appearances, but also for health and hygiene. We are happy to adhere to CDC guidelines in all of our commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

Why Choose Mint Condition’s Commercial Janitorial Services

Mint Condition is one of the most trusted commercial cleaning services in the Salt Lake City, UT area. We have won the trust of countless local business owners. We’ve accomplished this through adherence to four core principles: Customization, technology, quality, and communication.

Here’s what we mean:



At Mint Condition, we never push our clients into predetermined cleaning programs. Rather, we tailor our programs to guarantee that we address each client’s specific cleaning goals.



All of our janitorial teams are equipped with the technology that’s needed to keep commercial facilities tidy, sanitary, and disinfected.


Around here, we like to say, “We inspect what we expect.” In other words, we subject every cleaning site to the highest standards of quality control.



We always want to hear from our customers, and to ensure we’re fully addressing their needs. As such, we make it easy to communicate directly with Mint Condition.

How to Book Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City, UT

It’s not hard to hire our commercial cleaning services. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


1. Contact Us

Reach out to let us know you’re ready to learn more about commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Salt Lake City, UT.


2. Give Us A Tour

We’ll schedule a time to visit your business and learn more about your commercial cleaning needs.


3. Get A Custom Cleaning Plan

We’ll develop a custom cleaning program that’s tailored to your needs and goals.

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Areas We Serve

Mint Condition provides commercial cleaning services in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding community. Specifically, we are happy to serve customers in Draper, Salt Lake City, Sandy, South and West Jordan, and West Valley City. Get a closer look at our service area:

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Visit Mint Condition in Salt Lake City, UT

Find out more about our commercial cleaning services in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. Feel free to reach out at any time:

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that we’ve made a difference on behalf of our customers. Here are a few reviews and testimonials from clients in Salt Lake City, UT.

In March 2020, when our offices closed due to COVID 19, Mint Condition did a viricide cleaning. They had done this for us in previous years for flu season, but COVID presented a different challenge, and Mint Condition's team did an excellent job of insuring a safe and clean workspace for our employees.

I enjoy working with Mint Condition. They are always responsive to my needs and any questions that I might have. Their suggestions have proved to be invaluable, and I am happy to recommend Mint Condition to anyone for their cleaning needs.

Christine B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our commercial cleaning services? Feel free to reach out to Mint Condition at our Salt Lake City, UT location. A few of our most common inquiries:

Contact Us

We are so confident in our level of service that we do not lock customers into a long-term contract. We have a simple 30-day notice to terminate your contract, no questions asked.

Our contract price is good for one year unless changes are made to the scope of work.

Our comprehensive policy covers Workers Compensation, General Liability and Bonding.

We service a variety of industries such as medical facilities, banks/credit unions, churches, distribution/manufacturing, and general offices. References available upon request.

A franchise owner will be assigned to your account so you will consistently see the same people cleaning your facility. Our high retention rate of our franchisees means most customers have the same person assigned to their account for many years.

The operations person assigned to your account conducts routine inspections in your facility to find any deficiencies and correct them before they become an issue. The assigned operations person would be your point of contact for all matters regarding your account.

We have franchisees who have a vested interest in their business, therefore providing a high level of service.