Houston’s got it all!

It goes without saying that Houston, TX is one of the most sprawling metropolitan areas in the entire United States. It’s bustling with wonderful people and diverse communities, but also with all manner of businesses. From oil and gas companies to banks to professional athletic teams, Houston’s got it all.

And while these enterprises differ in many ways, one thing they share is a need for dependable janitorial cleaning services. Enter Mint Condition. We are proud to be one of the most trusted commercial cleaning services in Houston, TX, providing a host of office cleaning and sanitation options.

We’d love to tell you more about our commercial cleaning company, and about the value we offer to business owners and office managers in the Houston area. Reach out to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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Mint Condition’s Licensed and Local Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

The first thing you should know about Mint Condition is that we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. All of our customers are different, and as such, we tailor our janitorial services to address their specific needs, expectations, and pain points.

Through our commitment to customization, we’re able to deliver individualized janitorial solutions to businesses spanning the financial sector, healthcare, manufacturing, even religious facilities. And of course, we offer commercial office cleaning services of all kinds.

Some examples of our commercial cleaning services in Houston, TX include:


Banks & Financial Cleaning

For banks and credit unions, proper cleaning is essential. Tidy office spaces convey a sense of professionalism, and a real attention to detail. We are pleased to provide commercial office cleaning for banks throughout Houston, TX.

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Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning

There are some extremely productive manufacturing centers in the Houston area, and many of them trust Mint Condition to ensure safe and hygienic workspaces.

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Medical Facilities Cleaning

For the many hospitals and medical practices that exist in Houston, proper sanitization standards are crucial. We provide commercial sanitization services that adhere to the most up-to-date CDC protocols.

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Business Offices Cleaning

Mint Condition provides custom office cleaning services to clients throughout Houston. It is our pleasure to work with office managers to help them eliminate employee complaints, and to maintain consistent cleanliness and disinfection.

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Religious Facilities Cleaning

Houston, TX has a diverse faith community, one that encompasses churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and beyond. Mint Condition is proud to offer commercial cleaning services that are convenient and affordable for these religious institutions.

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Ready To Book Mint Condition’s Commercial Janitorial Services In Houston?

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Our Commercial Cleaning Areas of Focus

When you hire Mint Condition as your commercial cleaning company, we’ll immediately design a janitorial plan that’s tailored to your needs and goals. We believe in individualization, and never try to force you into a pre-existing program.

With that said, there are a few areas that most of our clients ask us to focus on: Commercial office cleaning, breakroom cleaning, restroom cleaning, and sanitization. Take a moment to learn more about each of these areas of focus. With specific questions, reach out to our commercial cleaning company in Houston, TX.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Most of the office managers we work with are looking to eliminate complaints, and to avoid the need to micromanage the cleaning process. We can help you accomplish both goals through our commercial office cleaning services.

Breakroom Cleaning

Houston’s business owners often regard the employee break area as a real source of trouble. Through commercial breakroom cleaning services, Mint Condition can eliminate any worries or complaints.

Restroom Cleaning

Nobody likes using dirty bathrooms… certainly not your employees or your customers. Mint Condition is pleased to offer commercial restroom cleaning services to our clients throughout Houston, TX.

Sanitization & Disinfection

At Mint Condition, we clean for appearances but we also clean for hygiene. Specifically, our cleaning teams use world-class disinfection technology, and apply the high standards of the CDC.

Why Choose Mint Condition’s Commercial Janitorial Services

Why choose our commercial cleaning services in Houston, TX? There are several things that help Mint Condition stand out, including our focus on customization, our commitment to advanced technology, our dedication to quality, and our emphasis on communication.



Everything we do is designed from the ground up, allowing us to address each client’s specific needs, goals, and janitorial pain points.



By using advanced cleaning and sanitization technologies, we can ensure a neat, tidy, and hygienic workspace.


Our teams employ rigorous standards of quality control, making it easy for us to ensure the highest level of quality for each client.



At Mint Condition, our goal is to make it simple for our customers to communicate with us about special cleaning needs or upcoming events.

How to Book Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

Ready to learn more about our commercial cleaning company? The process is pretty easy! Here’s how to enlist our professional janitorial services in Houston, TX:


1. Contact Us

Contact us and let us know you’re curious about our commercial janitorial services.


2. Give Us A Tour

We’ll schedule a time to come see your facility and to learn more about your janitorial needs.


3. Get A Custom Cleaning Plan

We’ll submit a custom cleaning plan that accounts for your company’s needs, goals, and pain points.

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Areas We Serve

Mint Condition boasts a client list that spans businesses throughout the greater Houston area, including Harris, Montgomery, and Fort Bend Counties, as well as the Galveston Bay area. Take a moment to learn more about our commercial cleaning services in Houston, TX:

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Visit Mint Condition in Houston, TX

The right commercial cleaning company can make a huge difference, helping you to maintain a neat and tidy workspace as well as a high level of sanitation. When you’re ready to learn more about professional janitorial services in the Houston, TX area, reach out to Mint Condition to schedule a consultation. Here’s where to find us:

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118 Vintage Park Blvd
Houston, TX 77070


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What Our Customers Have to Say

The right commercial cleaning services can make a world of difference. Just take it from a few of our customers!

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John D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about hiring Mint Condition’s janitorial services? We’d love to answer them! Contact us with any question that isn’t listed here.

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We are so confident in our level of service that we do not lock customers into a long-term contract. We have a simple 30-day notice to terminate your contract, no questions asked.

Our contract price is good for one year unless changes are made to the scope of work.

Our comprehensive policy covers Workers Compensation, General Liability and Bonding.

We service a variety of industries such as medical facilities, banks/credit unions, churches, distribution/manufacturing, and general offices. References available upon request.

A franchise owner will be assigned to your account so you will consistently see the same people cleaning your facility. Our high retention rate of our franchisees means most customers have the same person assigned to their account for many years.

The operations person assigned to your account conducts routine inspections in your facility to find any deficiencies and correct them before they become an issue. The assigned operations person would be your point of contact for all matters regarding your account.

We have franchisees who have a vested interest in their business, therefore providing a high level of service.