Create Success on Your
Own Terms

Build wealth. Be your own boss.
Tell the corporate world so long.

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Your Corporate Job
is Killing You


You’re tired of letting someone else set your calendar and call the shots


You’re ready to build something that’s entirely your own


It’s time for a new and better career path


You need a proven route to declaring independence and building prosperity

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We Know How You Feel, Because We’ve Been There

Mint Condition was founded by people who sat right where you’re sitting now. We understand your frustrations and uncertainties. That’s how we know Mint Condition’s Master Franchise system is special – it’s a Wealth Building Machine!

Over 25+ years, we’ve seen the growth of 400+ individual franchises.


We can set you up with everything you need to succeed: Great training, a proven process, and plenty of support from an experienced team.


There’s never been a better opportunity to establish your own business, without taking on the risks that so many new businesses face.


What is Master Franchising All About?


1. Schedule A Call

Schedule a FREE consultation with a Master Franchisor to see if Mint Condition is a good fit for you.

2. Get To Know Us

Meet with Mint Condition’s founder, Jack Saumby, and get to know other Master Franchisors in our system.


3. Start Minting Money

Get the training and support systems you need to start minting money as a successful Master Franchisor!

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Why Mint Condition?

The commercial cleaning industry has continued to grow to over $100 billion dollars annually. Leading the recession-proof industry is Mint Condition, the 94th fastest growing franchise in America. With cleaning services largely fragmented in most areas, a Mint Condition Master Franchisor can quickly establish our blend of quality cleaning and customer service in their desired market. When you become a Master Franchisor, we give you the rights and the opportunity you need to develop your own business in a protected geographic region.

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Start Living the Life You Want to Live


Escape the rut of always doing things for other people


Achieve work-life balance by setting your own schedule

Take pride in leading a successful business that delivers a meaningful service


Ensure that all your time and effort goes straight to YOUR bottom line

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Control Your Destiny

By becoming a Mint Condition Master Franchisor, you can fulfill your potential and take real pride in what you do. To take the first step toward controlling your destiny, contact us now.

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