Being a good listener is a valuable life skill, especially in business management, where the ability to listen to prospects and customers is critical. As a Mint Condition franchisee it is important that you listen carefully to your customers as they express their needs and opinions about your cleaning services. And by listening to others in the business community you may discover information that will help you in your own business endeavors as well.

“Active” listening can help make your cleaning business a greater success. The quality of your cleaning is important, but it’s not all that is required to succeed. According to a recent post on, “a key point in making your cleaning business a success is your investment in customer service.” They believe this can really pay off for you. “It is not enough that your work looks satisfactory to you but also that your customers see it the same way.” According to the post, “you should follow up with your customers consistently to find out how things are going”. In other words, you should ask for and then listen carefully to their feedback.

A key question should be “what kind of listener are you”? And why is listening so very critical to business success?

Dr. Bernard T. Ferrari, professor and dean of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School answers the question well:

He believes, “listening can well be the difference between profit and loss, between success and failure, between a long career and a short one. Listening is the only way to find out what you don’t know, and marks the path to making good decisions, arriving at the best ideas. If you aspire to be better at your job, no matter what it is, listening may be the most powerful tool at your disposal”.

Those are wise words and can be applied to your role as a Mint Condition franchisee. When you engage in “active listening” you give full attention to what your customer is saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting.

The development of good listening skills is a prevalent theme in business management. As is suggested in a recent online published summary by, there are “5 Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills:”

  1. “Be fully in the moment.”
  2. “Put yourself in their shoes.”
  3. Identity key points and let the speaker know you understand.
  4. Practice active listening by focusing completely on what the person is saying.
  5. “Develop curiosity, an open mind, and a desire for continuous growth”.

So good listening skills can be a powerful tool in your business. If you’d like to continue the conversation, and want to have your goals and desires for owning your own cleaning franchise listened to and heard, contact Mint Condition by calling 1-866-891-6468 or use our online contact form. You’ll find at Mint Condition we’re good listeners and can help you start your own business that suits your time availability, lifestyle and income needs.