As your source for commercial cleaning tips and products, we’ve decided to compare single compartment and dual compartment bucket advantages, so you can make the best decisions when purchasing commercial cleaning products. What did we find? The dual compartment bucket advantages wipe the floor with single ones (pun intended), giving you a more hygienic and convenient cleaning process. Here’s how!

Dual compartment buckets separate the soiled water from the cleaning solution, allowing you to wring out your mop with a side press wringer on one side before wetting it with the cleaning solution. This separation means a) less time refilling a single bucket, since all clean water is being used effectively b) improved hygiene, since you aren’t using the same, dirty water on your floors over and over again, and c) faster cleaning time, since you have cleaner water to work with and less refilling to do.

Single compartment buckets are great for the initial dip, but, after cleaning an area of flooring, you will eventually place the dirty mop in the same solution used to clean the rest of the space. In effect, you are continually putting dirt in the substance that you are spreading over your floors. Over time, this makes for dirtier water, thereby reducing the cleanliness of your floor. Dual compartment buckets easily sidestep that problem by separating out the water, resulting in cleaner and safer floors.

In fact, the more we looked into it, the more we found that using dual compartment buckets seems to be vital among the best janitorial practices in Charlotte NC, when it comes to cleaning floors. That’s why we provide dual compartment buckets to our franchisees: so that they can have an easier and more productive cleaning experience. Good luck with your cleaning, and remember—dual compartment buckets work best!