Mint Condition Inc. is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to using green cleaning supplies. As a green cleaning company in Charlotte NC, we want to prevent pollution and reduce the health hazards associated with traditional cleaning chemicals. Cleaning chemicals can cause irritation in the eyes, skin and respiratory system, as well as other human health issues. Because of their concentrated forms, they can be hazardous to handle, store, and dispose of. Not only that, but harmful chemicals enter the environment once they evaporate or are rinsed down the drain, contaminating the air and local aquatic sources. To preserve our environment and the health of our employees and clients, we use green cleaning supplies as often as we can.

What makes a green cleaning product? Mint Condition Inc. carefully considers a variety of factors. We look for products that promote low toxicity and natural ingredients which are biodegradable. These products tend to have fewer effects on the environment than their harsh counterparts. We also look for companies that promote a comprehensive approach to being green—like using recycled or reduced packaging. There are great green cleaning companies in Charlotte NC who share our values of promoting health, safety and social consciousness, and these are the partners we engage with.

What do green cleaning products do for your business? You might wonder whether green cleaning supplies offer any direct benefits to your office or coworkers—and the answer is a resounding yes! Offices cleaned with green products report fewer instances of headaches and nausea, chemical sensitivities and allergies, and even absenteeism. The harsh chemicals in your cleaning company’s supplies could be impacting your productivity without you even knowing it! When you consider the costs of these ailments, switching to a green cleaning company like Mint Condition Inc. will actually reduce costs in the long run, and who doesn’t want to save money? Green cleaning supplies have a lesser effect on the building, too, which protects your property’s values. It’s not just beneficial to the environment—it’s smart for your business.

Mint Condition Inc. is dedicated to your satisfaction. The health and safety of our employees and yours is our top priority. When you’re ready to put your trust in the best green cleaning company in Charlotte NC, give us a call. Save more green with our green cleaning!