hand-dusting-300pxAt Mint Condition, we believe that office cleaning is more than just vacuuming floors and emptying wastebaskets. You are being entrusted to enter someone’s business and personal space while they are not there, and to leave it better than when you found it. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate high standards and to reap the rewards of satisfying the customer and satisfying yourself at the same time.

Using higher standards of office cleaning means always doing the right thing, even if the customer does not know or notice. This would include things like:

  • Cleaning all carpet and floor areas thoroughly, up to the edges and corners, not just the main open areas
  • Respecting the customer’s private information, and not looking at paperwork on their desk or opening their desk drawers
  • Always telling the customer the truth, and doing what you say you will do
  • If you become a Mint Condition franchisee – one of the best ways to own your own cleaning business – you will be using a Communication Log notebook to keep good lines of communication open with every customer about the work you are doing in their space
  • Making sure anyone on your team, short term or long term, has a thorough background check, such as Mint Condition provides
  • Protecting the security of the customer’s property by locking doors, turning on alarms before leaving, and following other safety procedures as set forth for each particular customer’s space
  • Not just meeting their expectations but making an effort to exceed their expectations by always doing your best work and paying attention to the little details that make a difference.

Following these high-standard practices will not only mean happier customers, it will also enhance your financial security and make you proud at the end of each work session to know you’ve performed to the best of your ability.

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