customer-service-300pxOutstanding customer service is very important for success in the commercial cleaning business. Many market-leading companies pride themselves on providing superior customer service, and today’s savvy consumers have high expectations for how they are being treated by product and service providers.

Consider becoming a Mint Condition franchisee, and know that you’ll be joining one of the leading commercial cleaning franchises in America and will enjoy the benefits of providing great customer service. Not only will you be proud of your accomplishments, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of retaining customer accounts to give you a solid and growing business.

Maintaining high standards of customer service is part of the Mint Condition value system. This not only helps you, it also keeps the Mint Condition brand strong and well respected in the competitive marketplace.

Mint Condition’s customer service standards include:

  • Doing a thorough job of cleaning each space in the building to the best of your ability, and making sure your team members do so as well
  • Using high-quality cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
  • Never missing or being late for a scheduled cleaning
  • Resolving any customer complaints promptly, which means within 24 hours or less
  • Following specific protocols for the building – this includes which areas are to be cleaned, how they are to be cleaned, locking the building when you leave and arming the security system, and other standard practices
  • Using a special Communication Log Book to communicate with the customer on a daily basis
  • Demonstrating full product and service knowledge
  • Always striving to do your very best and resolving any deficiencies quickly.

Owning your own commercial cleaning business is a great way to achieve financial independence and help take care of your family. By providing high standards of customer service, you’ll be proud of your work as you help retain happy customers for the long term. Contact Mint Condition today to learn more about how you can become part of this outstanding customer service franchise! Call 1-866-891-6468 or use our online contact form.