Proactive office cleaning as provided by Mint Condition Inc. can save you money and worry, in ways you may not have thought of, giving you peace of mind.


guy-clipboard-300pxMint Condition prides itself on being proactive in serving all its customers. What exactly does proactive office cleaning mean for you?

  • Mint Condition carefully assesses your cleaning needs prior to the start of a cleaning contract, and presents you options for the care of our building
  • Our cleaning crews, all owner-operators of their own cleaning franchises, have a vested interest in your long-term satisfaction
  • Every building has a log book that allows frequent communication between you and your cleaning crew
  • Our managers conduct monthly inspections, and if they find or anticipate any problems, they make sure the cleaning crews take care of them promptly
  • Because a lot of our clients don’t have regularly scheduled floor work, we will tell them when it’s time to clean carpet or refinish floors to save on maintenance and repair

At Mint Condition we believe, and experience has shown, that proactive cleaning is best for every customer and helps ensure your peace of mind. Call us at 866-891-6468 or use our Request Information form on this page to learn more.