green-seal-stride-170pixCustomers who put their trust in a Mint Condition franchise to keep their commercial buildings spotless and shiny, will find the benefits of choosing this company go well beyond a clean environment. Working with Mint Condition also means promoting a green environment. Mint Condition has been committed to green cleaning practices that protect people and the world around them for many years.

Green cleaning simply involves the use of chemicals that have been proven to be safe for the environment. To ensure this, Mint Condition makes sure all of its owner-operators are equipped with Green Seal Certified Cleaning Chemicals. This strict third-party organization is dedicated to certifying products and programs that have been proven to be environmentally friendly. The program was launched way back in 1989 as a nonprofit dedicated to using science-based techniques to essentially empower consumers and companies to create a world that is more sustainable.

Mint Condition’s green cleaning practices deliver a number of benefits for customers, including:

  • Safer products – Green cleaning chemicals used by Mint Condition franchise owners are typically much safer for the environment and people, too. Some traditional cleaning chemicals, for example, can burn the skin and eyes and corrode surfaces. Chemicals certified as “green” may not be safe for accidental ingestion, but they generally must meet rather strict standards for combustibility, skin absorption and inhalation toxicity, among other factors.
  • Improved air quality – Some cleaning chemicals leave strong odors in the air. The chemicals used by Mint Condition simply smell fresh and clean. Making sure harsh odors aren’t left behind can be especially important in public buildings where customers with illnesses and allergies need to be made to feel comfortable.
  • Healthier overall indoor environment – Green chemicals used by Mint Condition franchise owners leave surfaces clean without concerns about hard chemical residues being left behind. The end result is a clean environment that is generally safer. To ensure a truly healthy environment, our crews also have access to suitable products and technology to combat surface and airborne germs as well, without compromising safety in the process.
  • Excellent dovetailing with other green initiatives – Many companies these days have taken a strong stand to help the environment. Efforts on this front can be hampered greatly by the use of products that contaminate the environment. Mint Condition franchise green cleaning practices simply bolster an overall plan for a company to put the environment and sustainability first.
  • Peace of mind – Knowing that products used in cleaning are safe for people and the environment just delivers peace of mind.

Mint Condition franchise owner-operators go above and beyond to keep customer environments clean and safe. Green cleaning methods make this possible. Contact Mint Condition today to discuss green cleaning for your office space!