When it comes to cleaning a home or office building, microfiber cloths are the best tools on the market for getting the job done quickly and thoroughly. Here at Mint Condition, we strongly recommend cleaning with microfiber cloths, and here’s why:

  • Microfiber Cloths Remove Fine Particles and Oil Residues—A microfiber cloth will dislodge and grab the fine particles and oil residues that can be found in the crevices of most surfaces. Unlike cloths, scrub pads, and sponges, these cloths don’t just redistribute the dust, they remove it entirely!
  • They Are Long-Lasting and Durable—These cloths have double-stitched edges which create a durable material that can withstand even the toughest washings and cleaning applications. Whether the cloth is wet or dry, it serves as a powerful tool that can absorb its weight in water several times over and can even collect fine dust.

  • They Have Less Environmental Impact—Because these cloths use less water, require fewer chemicals, and reduce the need for disposable products, they serve as a green-alternative to paper towels or sanitary wipes.
  • They Can Prevent Cross-Contamination—Microfiber cloths may be color-coded as to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between rooms (such as kitchens and bathrooms) and between different chemicals. Because Mint Condition strives to follow only the best janitorial practices, we enforce the use of color-coded materials. Traditional mops and rags increase the likelihood of cross-contamination because they spread dirt, dust, and chemicals around from place to place. Because microfiber cloths trap the dirt, they are the better cleaning tool when it comes to avoiding cross-contamination.

Although the materials used by a janitorial service make all the difference, the janitors themselves play a critical role in promoting a building’s healthfulness. Make sure you come to Mint Condition to learn about all of the best janitorial practices (including cleaning with microfiber cloths) to ensure that you improve the sanitary situation of the home or office building you are cleaning.