Recurring Revenue

The Power of Recurring Revenue:

“Profits Simplified & Multiplied”

Recurring Revenue dollar graph

Most businesses require new sources of revenue to be generated each month. No matter how successful your month is in terms of sales, you are right back to zero at the start of the next month. This ‘static ‘business model can be stressful for business owners; each month they are faced with fixed expenses but no guaranteed source of income.

Mint Condition was constructed around the “recurring revenue model”- the generation of income on a regular basis without having to continually sell products or services. Similar in concept to cell phone and cable companies, you know that each month you will be assured an amount of income from your current revenue stream.

The peace of mind that Mint Condition’s recurring revenue model can bring is an essential component in developing a successful Master Franchise. To view an example of recurring revenue from Mint Condition Founder & CEO Jack Saumby, please click on the following link. Recurring Revenue


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