Mint Condition Training Ensures Your Satisfaction

Expert knowledge for expert customer satisfaction

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If we provide the best people with the best equipment and chemicals but don’t properly train them, then the desired results won’t be achieved. That’s why Mint Condition instituted a comprehensive training program for all our owner-operators, who receive a hands-on education as to the proper execution of all the facets of commercial cleaning. To provide you with optimal satisfaction, Mint Condition has developed several procedures, including:

  • 15 Step Restroom Cleaning Program. Restrooms comprise only 5% of the space but account for 20% of the dirt and generate 50% of the cleaning complaints. Mint Condition’s 15 step program is utilized to solve odor issues, reduce the spread of germs, and provide complete sanitation.
  • Follow up Training. As new cleaning technologies and techniques are incorporated into our service plans, we work with all of our cleaning crews to ensure that they can properly implement the changes into their regimen- saving us time and you money!
  • Owner/Operator Philosophy. Mint Condition’s cleaning crews are actually owner-operators who have a vested interest in providing you with quality cleaning service