Equipment: What’s Inside Your Janitor’s Closet?

“Sad Condition” “Mint Condition”
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Here are just a few of the innovations that distinguish us from our competitors:

dirty mop bucket clean mop bucket
  • Dual Compartment Bucket System. The typical yellow bucket has one compartment. Our dual-compartment system separates clean water and dirty water, which reduces cross-contamination.
dirty rag washcloth
  • Smart Color Cleaning System. We use area-specific color coded microfiber cloths to clean your facility. This effectively reduces potential cross-contamination.
vacuum SuperCoach
  • Vacuum Backpacks. Perfect for carpet as well as hard surface floors, these HEPA-filtered vacuums easily navigate into hard to reach areas. This system captures dust mites, bacteria and floating particles which cause sick building syndrome and unhealthy air.
other chemicals mint condition chemicals
  • Green Cleaning. Mint Condition is committed to protecting the environment. That is why our owner-operators are equipped with Green Seal Certified Cleaning Chemicals.