Cleaning Solutions For Every Budget

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$550 per month 
3X week service

$475 per month 
3X week service

The graphics above illustrate two different cleaning approaches. As part of your initial cleaning consultation we can customize your cleaning specifications to meet your budget.

Many commercial cleaning companies will be happy to offer you a service plan that is neither cost-effective nor cleaning-effective. At Mint Condition, we have remedied this problem by utilizing cutting-edge software that allows us to map out your building’s interior, enabling us to target specific areas based on traffic flow. These plans effectively decrease the amount of wasted time, and ensure that heavy traffic areas are always looking their best. Make sure your cleaning budget is being spent the right way. Let Mint Condition show you how.

Every building’s cleaning needs are as varied as our customers’ budgets. That’s why Mint Condition conducts an onsite assessment of your needs and then works with you to tailor a cleaning package that can be customized to:

Comply with:

  • Specified level of cleaning
  • Cleaning frequency
  • Budget requirements

One Source Cleaning Needs:

To ensure that your workplace is also looking its best, we additionally offer premium services like carpet deep-cleaning and hard-surface floor maintenance as desired. We can also provide you with paper products and restroom supplies at very competitive prices.

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