start your own cleaning businessMint Condition owner-operators are able to reach great levels of success with their commercial cleaning franchise even when they have no previous experience or knowledge of the industry. This is all thanks to the superior training program and on-going support that the company offers.

All owner-operators go through a thorough training process when they join the franchise family. Mint Condition uses a tried and tested training methodology, designed to teach every owner-operator all the necessary details of the commercial cleaning industry. This is a three-pronged approach, each part of which is extremely vital to ensuring comfort and confidence in running the day-to-day operations of your franchise business. In addition to a well-designed training process, the following are other major advantages of buying a Mint Condition cleaning franchise:

  • You are offered the best equipment. Mint Condition offers every franchise operator the latest technology and cleaning systems in the industry. Their initial equipment package is inclusive of tools and chemicals that are eco-friendly and are specifically engineered and formulated to increase productivity and effectiveness in doing cleaning jobs.

  • There are many ways that you can profit from the business. Whether or not you decide to grow or expand your business, Mint Condition provides franchise owners with additional means to boost your profit and increase your bottom line. The company offers training for additional profit centers such as floor cleaning, which can help increase your business’s earning potential.
  • Finally, the company offers the best partner and client support in the industry. The central office is also a quick response support center. Field support is an integral part of Mint Condition’s complete management system, so you can have access to much-needed help, should you need issues or problems addressed immediately. This way, you never do business all by yourself, as you have the support of the central office for any concerns.

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